Incense, Resin and SmudgesIncense, Resin and Smudges

We have 122 differnet types of incense in stick and cone formats. We carry resins and herbs as well as the assecorries and burners. We carry the best sage at the best prices in stick and leaf forms.


Supplements were once the mainstay of our business. Now we have a small selection of high quailty products that can't be bought at Kroger's and are proven in the fortification of the body. We consult with scientist, physicians and users to find the selections which really work. Our particular goal is to help middle-aged and seniors feel better. Click on the link to find out more.


We have some great books on the mind, body and alternative spirituality. Due to the internet we mostly stock books that support what we teach and sell.

Crystals, Stones, and JewelryCrystals, Stones, and Jewelry

We have one of the larget selection of affordable tumbled stones and crystals in the region. We have a lot of jewlery that is unique, many from local makers.

Hemi-sync and MusicHemi-sync and Music

Hemi-sync products are a powerful and easy to use system to achieve relaxation and deep meditation without having to struggle with eastern methods of meditation. Hemi-sync makes all the healthy benefits of meditation easy and accessable to everyone with a normal life. We have Hemi-sync CD's in a variety of forms to achieve a variety of goals.We also have Hemi-sync  music of various genres.

Essential Oils and Energy ProductsEssential Oils and Energy Products

Energy products are stimulate the body through known, and unknown, means that stimulate the body to fortify, or diminish, its immune response.

We sell Aromatherapy, Color therapy, Flower essences, Homeopathy and crystals.

Alternative SpiritualityAlternative Spirituality

Spirituality is whatever works for the individual. We have a nice selection of products, statues, and icons from Catholic to wiccan to help people find their own peace.


We have our own labeled teas of the highest quaility in white, green, oolong, and black. Many of these teas are international award winning blends.

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