You will learn the history behind the ancient study of numerology. We will show you how to determine your own numbers chart for your birth date and name. You’ll receive a worksheet for this and a copy to use at home for someone else. Each number meaning will be explained with uses for the information. Handouts, book recommendations and resources for numerology services if you’d like to go further with this fascinating field.

Color Therapy
Color is pure energy. Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and power which reach you through light waves. Light stimulates our body’s endocrine system which is connected to our chakras. All organs, body systems and functions are connected to these energy centers. Since light consists of seven basic colors, we can strengthens our centers through conscience use of color. This module will help you understand the theory and means of using color therapy. Demonstrations and workshops included.


Crystal Grids
In this segment you will learn how to use a basic set of crystals for healing the body and its chakras. There will be opportunity for practice, you’ll be given a set of crystals and stones, then led on a meditation to connect with the spirit of your stones.

 Positive Thinking and Manifestation
This module, taught by Jeanne Dell uses many schools of thought for creative mind concepts including Ester Hicks. You will learn how positive thinking is possible in difficult times and how it can manifest better times. Handouts included with a short video and meditation.



Ongoing Events

Tai Chi & Qigong

The White Willow system of training provides results in hours, which only randomly occur in years of trial and error, follow the leader, training methods. Quick and targeted results are especially important when a person is faced with a degenerative process or disease. Our Tai Chi/Qigong program is a powerful system of alternative healing.

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