Welcome to Whatever Works Wellness Center & Bookstore

Established in 1990 to provide responsible
education and guidance in the use of adjunctive

Whatever Works Wellness Center & Bookstore offers
classes, services and products to enhance your
wellness and joy on a physical, emotional, intellectual
and spiritual level.

The store is staffed with experienced, friendly, people
trained to assist you on a safe exploration of
non-traditional avenues to total wellness.

The center is a warm, homey environment where you
can have a cup of tea, browse through unusual gifts,
and exchange interesting ideas.


12 to 8 pm Tuesday through Thursday,

12 to 7 pm Friday,

12 to 6 pm Saturday

Experienced Enhanced Well-Being 

Amazing Tea

If you're interested in lowering your caffeine intake and drinking a beverage that is actually good for your health, then try out our selections of tea. We carry a huge line of award winning, high quality teas at the best prices in town.

It may seem intimidating or even messy to start drinking loose tea, but we will guide you to making good selections of tea for your palette and mugs for your convenience.

Current Events and Activities

A healthy life is one that is always growing through enriching activities that develop the mind, body, spiritual perceptions and relationships. To that end, we offer many activities to enrich a persons life, provide new knowledge, or create long term goals.

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Experienced Enhanced Well-Being

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